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The contours of the Whale, with its smoothly curved bulbous head, have been carefully crafted for both direct clitoral and G-spot stimulation. Whale is your silent, sneaky sidekick, designed to allow you to experience wave after wave of illicit pleasure wherever you go.
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Word On The Sheets

My not-so-little secret - Christy Y

I thought I had every sex toy imaginable, but then I encountered the Whale, a C-shaped insertable that targets two erogenous zones, the g-spot and the clit. I loved the idea of this toy because it’s something you can put in, then pull on a pair of pants and wear out the house and no one will know your secret. Better yet, there’s an app, so while a passerby might think you’re just fiddling on your phone, you’re actually adjusting the speed and the intensity of the vibrations. OK, I haven’t worn it out just yet because MY FACE WOULD GIVE ME AWAY. Between the thicker side creating delicious internal sensations and the narrower side tucked against my most sensitive bits, the toy itself may be subtle but the way it feels is anything but!!! It also holds charge very well which is great if you like a long, slow build up. And true to its name, this toy is completely waterproof and so easy to clean. I love it!

A fun addition - Amy W

You know those women that can only get off kind of holding a pillow between their legs and grinding into it? I’m one of them. This is why I thought I’d never find a sex toy that was appealing to me (other than my poor pillow). When I saw the Whale on IMTOY’s Facebook page I realised that maybe the whale AND my pillow could be used to make even better orgasms since its exactly the right shape. Well… I’m addicted now. This beautiful pink toy has changed the way I masturbate without me having to change much at all. It’s better than a boyfriend!


Whale – Discreet G-Spot and Clitoral Vibrator

● 16 modes of vibration (including randomized option)
● Direct G-spot and clitoral stimulation
● Shaking mode and orgasm button options for enhanced pleasure
● Voice, video, music and kinetic interaction
● Super-soft premium silicone exterior, safe for all skin types
● Exclusive free Zoo App connects device automatically via Bluetooth
● 100% Water-proof
● Easy USB-charging
● Whisper-quiet and wickedly powerful
● Can be used with water-based or oil-based lubricants
● Durable tungsten-alloy motor delivers time and again

Max. insertable width: 1.4 ” (3.5cm)
Max. insertable length: 3.5″ (8.9 cm)
1st time charge time: 5 hours
Normal charge time: 2 hours
Usage: 45 mins




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