IMTOY Announces Support for South Africa’s Endangered Wildlife Trust

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IMTOY is thrilled to announce their support for South Africa’s Endangered Wildlife Trust (EWT), a non-profit organisation dedicated to conserving threatened species and ecosystems in southern Africa. As a company, IMTOY takes a strong stance against the illicit trade of animal products – the only Rhino in your bedside drawer should be the naughty little number from our Zoo Collection – and this year we are taking a stand by donating a portion of our proceeds to the EWT.

Johnny Jiang, the Shenzhen-based CEO of IMTOY, said: ‘We want to distance ourselves from the environmentally damaging reputation that hangs over Chinese manufacturers and, instead, be pioneers in creating products for pleasure that give back too. This initiative is also especially pertinent given the rhino horn-poaching problem in the southern African region, which – unfortunately – frequently finds its way onto the Asian market. We’re all about getting your kicks – we’re in the business of providing bliss, after all – but never at the expense of another living creature.’

“We would like to take this opportunity to thank IMTOY for their generous donation to the Endangered Wildlife Trust and commitment to continue supporting us during 2017,” said EWT’s Tammy Baker.

We’re proud to know that our Zoo Collection is not only allowing people across the globe to explore their wild sides, but that with $1 of each sale being donated to the EWT, there’s more to our giving than just orgasms. Each IMTOY customer is doing a little part in helping to ensure the continued existence of the animals that inspired us.


Get your Zoo Collection toy HERE and help protect endangered wildlife!


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